Should you ditch the granny panties?

I have a confession to make; I go commando. As a full-time writer, I spend the majority of my working life in my home. When I work, I want to be comfortable, and comfort for me means sans underwear.

What about granny panties? You know, those high-waisted panties that cover our butts and that are usually 100% cotton? Sometimes they come in tiny flower prints. They're super comfortable, perfect for "that time of the month" and the antithesis of sexy.

I refuse to wear them. I don't necessarily feel attractive when I'm at my desk with my reading glasses on, in a T-shirt and shorts, not exercising and trying not to snack. I don't need the granny panties making me feel even less so.

Does my husband like them? Nope. His opinions about my clothes matters to me. Don't get me wrong. If he can complain, so can I. I'm not feelin' the tighty whiteys, and he knows it.

How do most men feel about granny panties? Do they prefer women wear bikini panties or thongs? (Show me a comfortable thong and I'll show you a comfortable stiletto.) Or maybe most men couldn't care less what women wear under their clothes?

"I would never expect my wife to wear a thong; I can't imagine how uncomfortable those are! On the other hand, granny panties are pretty unappealing! So I prefer my wife wear the bikini panties, which she does the majority of the time." -- Mike, Olathe, Kan.

"I feel that granny panties serve their purpose, but not in a passionate marriage. My wife wore them for the first few years but found that they were not "sexy". She now wears bikinis or boy shorts. She shows enough, but not too much." -- Richard, Oak Island, N.C.

"Whether they're "sexy" or not sorta depends on who's wearing them. As long as they come off eventually, I'm fine with them." -- Donald, Lake Charles, La.

"Panties are the woman's choice as far as I'm concerned. I think bikinis look the best on a woman, and thongs look quite uncomfortable. But if she prefers comfort, then yea grannies! The panties aren't what attracts me to a woman's garments!" -- Trace, Jackson, Miss.

"It does not bother me. I actually prefer a girl to cover up and not reveal as much, because it is fun to think about what may be underneath." -- Brett, Moore, Okla.

"They don't bother me. Yes, while a thong or bikinis have a higher "sexy" quotient, if it makes my significant other more relaxed, then that makes her happy. And happy is always a good thing in a relationship. Besides, save the sexy stuff for sexy times." -- Raymond, Valparaiso, Ind.

"It is more important what is contained in said "granny panties" than are the panties themselves. Thongs can be nice -- very nice, but they can also be so very wrong. Similarly, a curvaceous (ooh...I'm walking a fine line here) lower body can be very appealing in underwear that may be categorized as "granny panties." Loosely fitting panties are unappealing to me. Snuggly worn granny panties on say Kristin Davis or Scarlett Johansson...a-okay by me." Jule, Pittsburgh, Pa.

"I'm not a fan of granny panties. But nor am I a fan of thongs, which are basically just the wedgie portion of getting a wedgie. Underwear isn't actually supposed to go inside of any body parts. True visual bliss comes in the middle ground between granny panties and thongs." Jeff, Tampa, Fla.

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