Do's and don'ts of cutting your bangs

Nobody wants to have a Moe haircut. You know the one, clunky, uneven bangs resting unattractively on your forehead. Still it happens. In a moment of wine-inspired emotion, you decide you need a change, well, just a small one. You look in the mirror and what do you see? Your hair--just waiting for a hot new bangs look. You whack away until you've cut too much and now your wear a headband for four to six weeks. You sigh, at least it wasn't a crazy tattoo. Don't let that be you!

If you are determined to cut your bangs, do it wisely. Avoid looking like the sad volunteer from the local cosmetology school. You can do this!

Dont's to remember

  • Don't cut the hair when it is wet. As soon as hair dries, it shrinks, which could leave you with uneven (very uneven) bangs.
  • Don't cut hair when you are emotional. Here's a lesson I learned the hard way: Never trim your bangs after taking a sleeping pill. Yep, that was a fun lesson to learn! Don't cut your hair when you are depressed or have a little wine buzz. Also, not good ideas.
  • Don't use hairspray. You want the hair to fall naturally before and after your hair cut. Save the spray for the styling session.
  • Don't cut straight across. You can't draw a straight line much less cut one. Make several cuts, stopping every inch or two to comb the hair gently.

Do's to remember

  • Do use hair cutting shears. Not kitchen shears, scissors from the office or the tiny scissors from your manicure kit. Pick the right tool for the job.
  • Do style your hair first. (Minus the hair spray or freeze of course.) Pre styling lets you see how the bangs look with your normal style look.
  • Do use clips to hold back extra hair. The biggest problem I have with trimming my bangs is cutting too much. Section off the hair before you get started to avoid this problem. If not, you could end up cutting and cutting and cutting...
  • Do make cuts with the scissor tips pointing upwards. This creates a natural jagged look that allows the hair to blend neatly.
  • Do see a stylist if you want a complicated bangs look. Blending the bangs with the rest of your hair is a job for a professional.

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