How to dress up a neutral room

For several reasons, many homeowners choose to use a neutral color on their walls instead of something bold. Neutrals are safe, easy to decorate around, and lend themselves to virtually any design theme. Just because a person prefers simple colors on the walls, though, doesn't mean they are boring or dull. No way! Show off your personality and sense of style by learning how to dress up a neutral room.

What is a neutral color?

When most people think of the term "neutral" in terms of decorating, they immediately envision the color beige. Yes, that is a prime example of a shade that would be used in a neutral room, but it is not the only choice. Grey, ecru, taupe, pewter, off white, cream, and brown are also popular choices to decorate a neutral room. Basically, any color that stays in the background and doesn't take over a room is a neutral shade.

Accent colors

An accent color is one that is used to bring emphasis to a main color scheme. They are typically a bit bold, as they are meant to make the room "pop." You can add as much, or as little, of the accent as you wish. Let's say you have gray walls in a bedroom. If you use gray blankets, white sheets, and off-white blinds, the room will feel depressing and very bland. Right? On the other hand, if you are in a bedroom with gray walls, black and white printed bedding, and a bold red accent pillow, the same room will feel inviting and warm. You do NOT have to use bold paint colors to actually have color in the room. It can be incorporated, instead, with accent pieces.


The trick to giving any room a professionally decorated look is to bring in an abundance of texture. This can be achieved by bringing in a variety of textured fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, faux painting, and with the accessories in the room. If you are afraid of color, texture will be your best friend because it will add depth and dimension without adding additional color. Wicker containers will bring in a rough texture, while mirrors and glass will add a sleek smoothness. Soft plush bedding will add warmth and comfort, while accent rugs will bring in coarseness and help define the space.


Add life and movement to any neutral room with greenery. Potted plants, colorful flowers, hanging ferns, and garlands and swags, are a great way to add a splash of color. Place pretty greenery in the corner of the room, atop cabinetry, or on a decorative plant stand.  

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