Dressing Your Body While You're Losing Weight

I have a problem: I've dropped 35 lbs. -- and a bunch of inches -- since the beginning of 2013 and all of my formerly tight clothes are now falling off of me. It's a great problem to have, but now my clothes are too baggy and saggy -- and it just doesn't look very good.

I'm conflicted, though: I want to buy new clothes, but I still have weight to lose and don't want to spend a lot on a new wardrobe that I'll have to ditch in a few months.

Apparently, I need to get over it.

"It's very important that you treat yourself very well while you're losing weight," Color Your Style author David Zyla tells Yahoo! Shine. "You don't want to say, 'I'm not going to look good until I reach my goal weight.' You should be saying, 'I deserve to look and feel fantastic whether I lose weight or not.'"

But, how? I asked Zyla to give a few tips on shopping for an ever-shrinking body.

Go through your closet

The first step to revamping your wardrobe is to clean out your closet and get rid of stuff that's too old, baggy, and out of style. After all, you're losing weight and you don't need the bigger sizes anymore.

"I think this is the perfect time for a woman to look at her style and ask herself: 'Is my wardrobe really reflecting who I am?'" Zyla explains.

He recommends going through your closet piece-by-piece and deciding whether pieces are worth saving.

"Throw the stuff that doesn't reflect who you are -- or who you want to be," he says. The biggest thing you should pay attention to is shape: Toss anything that sags and hides your shrinking body. "A garment should fit you and compliment your best assets."

Look for quality and structure

The transitional outfits you buy while you're losing weight should have the ability to "shrink" with you.

"Anything that wraps is fantastic." Zyla says. "That way, there's leeway with how you tie it. You can loosen it and tighten it."

One good (and affordable) example is the solid wrap dress from Gap.

Also, look for garments that are monochromatic, because it gives a streamlined look. "It's best not to 'cut up' your body with a lot of color," Zyla says. "So color-blocking isn't recommended. Instead, wear a dress or a skirt that is toned the same color.

As for what colors you should wear? Don't assume that you have to buy all black or other neutral colors. Look at what you already own, see which colors you gravitate toward, and stick with those. Love red? Awesome, find a red dress or skirt. Does blue make your eyes pop? Make sure you're looking at blouses in that color.

"Color is not for a certain size," he says. "Embrace what makes you feel confident."

Invest in quality… but look for deals

My biggest complaint during my weight transition is that I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff that will hopefully be too big for me in a couple of months. Sure, there are always thrift stores and consignment shops, but I don't really have the time to scour through stuff to find winners.

Instead, Zyla recommends hitting up outlet stores to stock up on wardrobe basics when they're on sale.

"I go shopping two times a year: during holiday sales in January and at end of summer around August," he says. "This is when stores are marking down designer stuff, because they want to clean out their stock for the new season."

Also, outlet malls are typically inexpensive enough that you can afford to branch out with your fashion and not risk a lot of cash.

Find a good tailor

You'll likely get rid of a lot of your wardrobe when you lose weight, but some pieces can be adjusted to your body as long as you have a good tailor.

"Everything in your closet should you have value, but it'll only have value if you're going to wear it," Zyla says, adding that certain types of clothing are easier to alter than others.

"It's typically pretty easy to tailor a skirt or a dress," he explains. "Pants are trickier: too much tailoring throws off the balance -- you can tell because the pockets are too close."

Splurge on accessories

Accessories are a good way to create a new look without spending a lot, advises Zyla.

"Handbags and jewelry aren't size-specific," he says. "And they give you the chance to embrace trends while you're in the weight loss transition."

But don't skimp on your lingerie.

"Pay attention to your undergarments," advises Zyla. "Bras aren't as supportive if they're not the right size, so make a point to get fitted every couple of months as you're losing weight. A good bra is the base of every outfit -- and they make you feel great, too."

Tell us: How are you dealing with your wardrobe through your weight loss journey?

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