Easy decorating with birch branches

If you have access to birch trees on your property or nearby, you may have hit pay dirt. These common tree limbs are quick and easy to decorate with. From window treatments to lighting, you can use birch branches in a variety of ways in your home. Here are some terrific ideas for you to consider. Most of them will cost you less than $10.

Curtain Rods

Tab top curtains and valances look outstanding on a trimmed birch branch that takes the place of a commercial drapery rod. It's the perfect style for cottage and cabin living - not to mention that the price is right if you can harvest the branches for free. All you have to do is supply the brackets.

Bed Posts

You can create an unusual focal point in your bedroom by attaching four tall and lightly trimmed birch branches with long screws to an ordinary bed frame to construct make-shift bed posts. Try to locate branches that are at least four inches wide and cut the headboard posts about three feet taller than the footboard posts. You'll love the natural vibe it brings to the room and all the compliments you'll get from friends and family when they see how handy you are.

In a Planter

Use the thinner and more willowy parts of a birch branch to make a lovely addition to a large planter. This no-fuss arrangement doesn't ever need to be watered and you can spray paint it to coordinate with any color in your space. It's perfect when you need a tall accessory to bring height to a room. You can also add a light dusting of iridescent sparkles to the branches if you want to see a little bit bling when you point track lights at them.

DIY Chandelier

If you've always wanted a romantic chandelier but couldn't afford the price tag, here's just the project for you. Collect three or four interestingly-shaped birch branches. Screw them together and then wrap them sparsely with a string of white-wired Christmas lights. Hang the assembly from a sturdy rope and you can have a chandelier in your room for under $5.

Decorating with birch branches is fun and easy in addition to being extremely budget-friendly. Take a nature walk this weekend and see what you can find. I'm sure there's a place in your home that's just calling for a bit of home-spun inspiration. Just bring in a birch branch to fill the need.

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