Easy tips for healthy grocery shopping

When you're prepared, staying on an eating plan is easier than if you don't know what you're going to eat. That's why eating healthy starts at the grocery store - but do you have trouble navigating around the store or knowing what's healthy and what's not? For some, grocery shopping is a huge chore - one that would rather be forgotten, but unfortunately, it's the first step in leading a healthy lifestyle. If you have trouble staying on a healthy plan, check out some of these tips the next time you head to the grocery store:

Menu planning - I have found that planning a menu for the week ahead is the best way to make healthier choices and stay on my grocery budget. This weekly menu planner from Organized Home helps me stay on track and plan each meal of the day. When you go to the store with a plan, you won't be tempted to throw junk food or expensive food items into the cart.

Shop with ample time - Set aside a certain amount of time when you go shopping. If you're rushed, you might end up grabbing some last minute products because you're pressed for time or you have a sudden temptation. Spend time setting up a menu and grocery list, and get all of your coupons together before going to the store - once you're there, shop for what you need, but take time selecting the best products for your money.

Organize your list - One way to save money is to organize your shopping list by arranging what you need by department. There's nothing worse than ending up almost done at one side of the store to realize you missed something in the produce department. On the other hand, if you do have to walk around to grab various items you missed, count it as a good activity boost! Organizing your shopping list saves time and frustration - especially if you go during peak shopping times.

Staying on a healthy diet is about as much eating the healthy foods, as it is preparing you and your family for the week ahead. Check out various food blogs on the Internet, some even offer free meal plans so you have half of your work already done. Take time to find healthy recipes and prepare a menu so you're not tempted by drive-thru runs on the way home from work.

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