Easy ways to pump up the volume of your hair

Think Bridgette Bardot or Gisele's big hair only works for the catwalk? Think again! Sexy, big Victoria's Secret hair paired with a black dress makes the perfect evening ensemble. Even if you have fine, thin hair, you can get loads of volume by tweaking your hair products choices and drying method. Raise the crown of your hair for a cute bouffant peak or go big all over with just a few styling tools.

Swap over to volumizing products. Purchase a set of volumizing shampoo and conditioner and keep it handy for big hair events. Wash and condition your hair with these special, lightweight products before styling. Products labeled volumizing don't contain heavy ingredients, like wax. Use these before your big hair debut.

Treat the roots. If you have fine or oily hair, skip this step. Women with normal to dry hair should use a root lifter. Towel dry the hair then apply a root serum right before drying. This strengthens and stiffens the hair roots making your hair look big.

Try brush teasing. Toss out the fine-tooth comb. Instead do your back teasing using a bristle brush. You'll get more oomph and have less damage. Perfect for spot lifting sections!

Hang upside down. Some stylists say this method gives too much volume but is that even possible? Get big hair by blow drying your hair upside down. For a textured, tousled look, don't brush. Instead dry from the roots to the tip and use your fingers to detangle slightly. Shake the hair as you dry. Halfway through drying, apply a quarter-size of volumizing mousse to the hair tips to control frizz. Gorgeous!

Buy velvet-covered rollers. The secret to my sleek, smooth big hairstyles? Velvet-covered rollers! Pick the biggest ones and set the hair at the crown. The goal isn't getting a ton of curls, it's to get volume.

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