It's Time to Teach Your Dog Proper Grammar

Remember that time your dog looked at you like this?


Pretty soon, you'll be able to be able to know why. A group of Scandinavian inventors known as The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery created a device that can translate your pup's thoughts into human language. It's called "No More Woof," and according to Eric Calderon, Developer and Canine Mastermind, "It's really not that complicated."

No More Woof looks like one of those headsets people wear at call centers, but dog-sized. Per Calderon, it contains "sensors that are EEG recorders" and they measure "voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flow within a dog's brain." Those frequencies are then obtained by a microcomputer, which analyzes them and turns them into statements.


Some of the currently translatable phrases are:

- Who are you?

- This is splendid!

- Leave me alone

- I am so very weary

- Why are you guys leaving?

- Is that really you?

- Night-time!

- He must be a very nice animal

- I'm hungry

Most of these we could have probably figured out on our own, but still, we'd appreciate the confirmation.

While No More Woof is still being developed, you can pre-order it and contribute to its IndieGoGo campaign. The inventors aim to raise $10,000 in two months so they can continue their research and complete the design. Each upgrade of the product allows you more insight into your pooch's ruminations, and the "Superior" edition will eventually make it possible for your dog to speak in short sentences.

Best part of all: you can select your dog's voice (we prefer "Harley" and "Pudge").

Having a talking dog could become awkward, especially when you have dinner guests, but it will be fun to finally gossip about the poodles at the park!


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