62-Year-Old Lingerie Model Proves that Beauty is Ageless

The fashion world is slowly but surely realizing that women don't come in just one race, size or age, and that they all deserve to be seen and heard.

American Apparel model Jacky O'Shaughnessy is 62, and she's not ashamed of being decades older than your typical model. In one of the retailer's newest ads, Jacky poses in lingerie, proudly showing off her body.

American Apparel shared the ad on their Instagram page with the caption "Sexy has no expiration date" - a statement that was liked over 17,000 times.

Jacky has modeled for American Apparel since 2011, after being spotted during a chance encounter at a dinner. Her first ad had her wearing sportswear separates, but this time around she's wearing just a bandeau bra and panties. Jacky O'Shaughnessy, 62, poses for American Apparel.

It's pretty much the norm for American Apparel to have their models in a state of undress, but showcasing a woman over 60 wearing next to nothing is a bold move and a big deal in a hypocritical society that criticizes females for either chasing youth with plastic surgery, or having the gall to age gracefully.

Jacky is far from the oldest working model. China Machado, 83, has been steadily working since the 1950s, and looks absolutely elegant in a Cole Haan campaign from last summer. Daphne Selfe, 85, known for being one of the oldest supermodels, recently posed for TK Maxx.

We hope to look as radiant as they do when we're they're age!

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