8 Things that Don't Make a Good First Impression, but Are Worth Another Try

More often than not, having a bad first experience with something discourages people from giving it a second chance. Case in point: Ellen's distaste for balsamic vinegar.

In fact, she fears the salad topping so much, she's dubbed it the "devil's condiment."

Of course, you can always change your mind in life! There are a lot of cases where a bad situation can turn into a really great one... with an open mind and a little creativity.

Here are a few things that might not have gone well initially, but are worth another shot. You could even fall in love….

1. Brussels Sprouts - The most misunderstood vegetable. Brussels sprouts are not as glamorous as spinach, nor are they as versatile as broccoli. Sometimes they take awhile to cook and they smell up your kitchen. Nevertheless, these green balls of health can actually be really delicious when cooked properly, and the best news of all is the recipe is simple. Roast them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and they are a fine accompaniment to any winter feast #TeamBrusselsSprouts

2. Camping - Some people take to the wilderness quicker than others, and a few bear sightings or mosquito bites can easily dissuade those who are skeptical. Consider the waterfalls though, the fresh air or barren coast, the starry nights, and hello, the roasted marshmallows by the campfire. Also, get one of those solar powered tents with WiFi, and conditions improve significantly.

3. The First Date - There's so much pressure that first night out, plus you have to factor in the inevitably awkward goodnight kiss/hug/handshake. As long as your date doesn't say something that is a) disrespectful b) hateful or c) suggests they don't like tacos, give 'em another shot.

4. Running - The first jog around the block is always the hardest, but running has so many benefits and is an easy exercise to work into your daily routine. You can lace up your sneakers at the gym, or take them outside into the sunshine. The best part of all is you can listen to your music as loud as you want, and it feels like your life has a soundtrack.

5. Licorice - It's an acquired taste, it really is. Some people go into it with the wrong attitude because they've heard gossip that it tastes like cardboard. Time to lead by example!

6. Pumpkin Carving - Listen, almost everyone accidentally connects the eyes and the nose on their first try. Carving skills must be acquired through practice and patience, and there are a lot of great guides online to assist you with the effort. Just know where you're at: rookies should not be attempting to recreate Marilyn Monroe's face on a squash.

7. Books from Your High School English Class - What too often happens in life is we are presented with wonderful things at times when we least appreciate them. Back in the day, you were more concerned with the cute boy or girl sitting next to you wearing great kicks than you were reading "The Great Gatsby." Thus, you might have skimmed through an iconic piece of literature. Time to reconnect with Scout Finch, Holden Caufield, and those two very different cities.

8. Oysters - They're slimy and not the prettiest of sea folk, but these delicacies are quite popular among seafood lovers worldwide. Oysters serve as an impressive hors d'oeuvre because they are tasty and unique and tres chic… apparently. Some of us might still need to give oysters a second chance.

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