You’ll Agree with These Two Little Girls' Boyfriend Rules, Especially #27

Dear Future Boyfriends Everywhere: if you're planning on being a tattletale, you're not dating material. At least not according to 6-year-old Blaire Daniels and 9-year-old Brooke Daniels, two sisters who outlined their 30 very important rules for boyfriends in a list making its way across the web.


Mother Gabrielle posted the outline on her Twitter page with the note, "My little daughters make me laugh. #funnykids #boyfriend #daughter," and now the whole world is taking note of the instructions.

Among our favorite guidelines for a suitable Casanova: "nice handwriting," "don't pick your nose," "last name not weird," "take[s] care of pet," and "always happy."

The girls pretty much covered everything, but if there was anything to add, we'd just request he wear sneakers.

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