Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Gym-Goers for a Good Cause

It's not easy for Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most famous and recognizable people on the planet, to go incognito. The movie star and former Governor of California did his best to go in disguise, putting on a fake moustache and wig to (poorly) convince members at Gold's Gym in Venice, CA that he was a trainer named Howard who just wanted to help them with their workout.

This silly prank isn't just Arnold having a bit of fun. He's using this video to help promote a contest that will benefit After-School All-Stars (ASA), a national organization he helped create twenty years ago.

ASAS creates free after-school programs in schools all across the country, particularly in low-income, at-risk communities. The organization combines education with physical and emotional safety to create an enriching environment for kids and teens who would otherwise have nowhere to go after school.

"It was totally his idea," a representative from ASAS tells the Good News about Schwarzenegger going undercover in the video. "He knows the power of social media and what it can do to get people excited."

Schwarzenegger's involvement might lead you to believe that the program focuses solely on athletics, but students do much more than sports - they practice art and drama, they learn computer skills, and get tutoring help with their homework, all in a nurturing, safe place.

"He's always raising money for them," he adds. "He's excited that After-School All-Stars gets the exposure it needs."

ASAS will directly benefit from the star's contest, which promises its winner an unbelievable experience with the man himself. The lucky winner and a friend will be flown to Los Angeles to spend a day with Schwarzenegger - and ride in his Sherman tank. Yes, a real tank.

You can enter by buying entries at various prices, and the more entries you buy, the likelier you are to win. Plus, Schwarzenegger will match the dollar amount of all the money raised, and all funds will be donated to ASAS.

Helping students and riding in a tank with the Terminator?! What's not to love?

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