Aziz Ansari’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ Super Bowl Vs. Actual Super Bowl: Who Wins?

For some football fans, watching the Seattle Seahawks stomp the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl proved to be less than the edge-of-your-seats matchup they were expecting. Thus, they turned to alternative forms of entertainment - building towers with party cups and duct tape for example, or combining dips.

Similarly, Aziz Ansari tweeted a "Friday Night Lights" version of the Super Bowl, adding both comedy and high school quality drama to the mix.

Here's the rundown of Aziz's edition of the big game as it matches up to the real one:


#AzizsFNLBowl2 So excited for the Super Bowl tonight: The Dillon Panthers vs. The East Dillon Lions! #AzizsFNLBowl2 - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl The Broncos botch their first possession with a safety, giving the Seahawks two points and a crazy morale boost. The Broncos will never recover from this, nor will their fans, or anyone watching the game.



#AzizsFNLBowl2 BREAKING: Big Tim Riggins was just seen leaving Flashdancers early this AM. Coach Taylor -- not pleased. #FNLBOWL2 - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl Eli Manning spotted days before at dinner giving his big brother Peyton tips on how to beat the Seahawks at MetLife Stadium. Even though the Giants lost 23-0 to Seattle and Eli set a record for interceptions this season, this conversation is still happening.

#AzizsFNLBowl2 . @paulscheer reports: I'm on the field with Buddy Garrity and he's promising free car leases to the winning team. #FNLBowl2 - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl JCPenney attempts to capitalize on advertising ops by posting game-related tweets laden with typos in order to draw attention to their new Olympic-branded mittens. This works, except that everyone thinks the JCPenney staff is drunk.



#AzizsFNLBowl2 Breaking News: Jason Street has been spotted, sans chair, at the stadium. Wearing his traditional #6. Will he play? @azizansari @paulscheer - Scott Porter

#ActualSuperBowl Breaking News: Peyton Manning throws second interception. Actually, he's decided he will just start throwing it directly to the Seahawks to speed things along.


#AzizsFNLBowl2 BREAKING: Crucifictorious REPLACED by Bruno Mars for Half Time show. Landry -- not pleased. #FNLBOWL2 - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl BREAKING: Everyone is insanely excited by the sound of Bruno Mars.



#AzizsFNLBowl2 Tinker reportedly not yet at the stadium. Still in line for a ShackBurger. #FNLBOWL2b - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl Broncos players reported missing when Percy Harvin returns the kick for an 87-yard run leading to yet another touchdown for the Seahawks. That's an $11-million play and totally worth it.


#AzizsFNLBowl2 Big Tim Riggins nowhere to be found. Last spotted having a PBR at Lit on 2nd Ave at 3:45am last night. #FNLBOWL2 - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl Eli Manning appears dazed and confused in a VIP suite, now realizing the consequences of advising Peyton. He asks broadcasters to quick cutting to him for reaction shots.

#AzizsFNLBowl2 Buddy Garrity also MIA, stuck in traffic after "quick stop" at Eataly. #FNLBOWL2 - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl Fans become distracted by the Coke commercial debate on Twitter. They're so busy looking at their phones, they barely notice that the Broncos score. When they do notice, they don't care.

#AzizsFNLBowl2 Very sad. Grandma Saracen gets confused at Madame Tussauds. Claims Harrison Ford "rude" for not accepting invite to the game. #FNLBOWL - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl Denver fans begin arguing with each other about who convinced who to spend money on tickets.



#AzizsFNLBowl2 Slamming Sammy very upset his commentary will NOT be simulcast on Fox as promised. #FNLBOWL2 - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl Seattle scores again. Mass exodus of Broncos fans at game. Similarly, mass exodus of everyone from Super Bowl parties, unless there is a pool table at the party, in which case they start playing pool.

#AzizsFNLBowl2 OVERHEARD: "Smash you listening to me or texting Drake about an after party?! Get your head in the game son!" - Coach Taylor #FNLBOWL2 - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl OVERHEARD: "See what Elway thinks about suiting up." - Everyone

#AzizsFNLBowl2 HEARD IN DA HUDDLE: "Landry, you're watching a Transformers trailer instead of listening me?! Get off this field!" - Coach Taylor - Aziz Ansari

#ActualSuperBowl HEARD IN DA HUDDLE: "Or what about Tebow - is he still available?" - Everyone


#AzizsFNLBowl2 The big game may be over, but in case you missed it, check out our primer about some of the faces you saw at the Super Bowl and their "Friday Night Lights" counterparts."Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose."

#ActualSuperBowl No one can believe how good Bruno Mars was at halftime. It's all anyone can talk about except that Seahawks fan who got the Super Bowl championship tattoo on his arm in advance. He's just laughing really hard.

WINNER: Aziz's 'Friday Night Lights' Super Bowl!

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