Baby Thinks the 'Parks and Recreation' Theme Song is the Best Dance Song of All Time

We love NBC sitcom "Parks and Recretation" for the hilarious performances, the clever dialogue and the positive do-gooding spirit of Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope. This baby, however, thinks it's the greatest show on television based solely on its theme song.

"My son stops everything he's doing and starts dancing whenever he hears the 'Parks and Recreation' theme song," writes YouTube user Larry Gallagher, sharing several moments of his toddler bouncing away to the plucky tune. As Rob Lowe's character Chris Traeger would say, "This is literally the most adorable thing we've ever seen."

NBC recently announced that "Parks and Recreation" was picked up for a seventh season, which means this baby will be gettin' down to the song for at least another year.

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