This is the Best Possible Reaction to Receiving an iPad

The iPad is the hottest gadget right now, and anyone would be excited to get one, but this man's enthusiastic reaction to receiving the tablet as a Christmas present is so heartwarming, we'd happily hand over our iPad just to see his face light up!

YouTube user MiamiRedSkin posted the video and provided a bit of context about Uncle Henry. "Henry is hearing and speech impaired. He has a heart of gold and everyone who meets Henry absolutely loves him. Henry is also a kid at heart and loves hot wheels, cars, and especially games on his iPhone. Because we appreciate Henry so much an wanted to show him how much he is loved, we all pitched in and got Henry the ultimate gift (as you can see, he was quite happy)."

"That moment was pure joy and excitement," they continue. "Henry is probably playing games on his new iPad right now."

We think we found Apple's newest spokesperson!

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