Check Out This Perfect Way to Make Your Spouse Smile Every Day

A thoughtful wife makes lunchtime even better for her husband.Sometimes, it's the little things that really make a relationship stronger.

Ben and Jessi were married this past June, and ever since they returned from their honeymoon, Jessi has been leaving her husband love notes in his lunch every day.

"I really found them to be heartwarming," Ben tells us about the notes, penned on the yellow and grey napkins leftover from their wedding. "For her to not only pack lunch for me, but to include a little message to brighten my day, blew me away. As I realized they were becoming a regular thing, they became something I looked forward to each day and I made sure to save them."

Some of the messages are sweet: "To my husband, you look so handsome today and always," or "I appreciate everything you do for us." Some are funny: "Sorry we're out of food" or "After today, only one more day of casserole!" But they're all written with love.

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