When it Comes to Parrots, Cats Put Up with a Lot

Turns out cats may be the most patient of all animals, or at least they've learned how to live harmoniously in a world with parrots.

Need proof? This YouTube compilation says it all.

(Side note: More people own both a cat and a parrot than we thought!)

Even with the most easygoing cats, there's only so much one can take from a pesky bird. For the parrots out there, here are a few things to keep in mind to prevent getting clawed by your feline bestie:

1. She doesn't share her food, especially when there are only a few bits of Meow Mix left.


2. Avoid putting your beak in her eye. Definitely don't touch her eyeball.

3. Grooming her whiskers is totally cool, and much appreciated. Interrupting her favorite television show, different story.


4. It's an ear. Get over it.

5. Brush your teeth if you're going to get all up in her face.


6. Tail = off limits.

7. Let her sleep. That means no chirping, no hopping around on her head, and again - we really can't emphasize this enough - lay off her ears.


Follow these simple rules and you and your fave kitty will stay friends forever.

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