Your Corn Flakes Will Never Go Soggy Again

The days of mushy Cheerios and drowned marshmallows are over thanks to Obol - the "original crispy bowl" - which promises to keep your cereal fresh.



We would have thought someone would have addressed this problem sooner. The Obol bowl divides the standard cereal bowl into two sections: one for cereal, one for milk. You scoop up some flakes, dip them into the milk, and enjoy the crunchy, delicious masterpiece in your mouth.

Inspired by cereal's famous kid spokesperson Mikey, a commercial for Obol bowl explains how its inventor got the idea from childhood complaints. Like many of us, he used to never get to the breakfast table in time to enjoy his meal. The flakes were always drenched in milk, and notably unappealing.


Mom blames Mikey. "That's what happens when you dilly dally in the morning," she says. Mikey comes up with a solution.

For $15, the Obol bowl will change your world. It's available in five colors and two sizes, and can also be used for chips and dip, soup and crackers or cookies and milk. ABC News calls it the "Champion of Breakfast Bowls," and St. Joseph News-Press deems it a "savior." Furthermore, the American Cereal Council claims the Obol bowl solves a "moisture migration problem for the 147 million of us who enjoy cereal each morning."

It's available for purchase now, and might even make a great gift for the holidays!

Next issue to take up with the American Cereal Council: distribution of assets in Raisin Bran.


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