Couple Makes a Video About Their Graduation, but There's a Twist!

When Jennika and Sam Anderson discovered they were expecting their first child together, they wanted to reveal their good news in a fun, surprising way. Since the young married couple had just graduated from Utah State University, they decided to combine both of their happy announcements in one adorable video.

"Jennika and I have been creating little videos for awhile now, so we thought that if we made one about graduating, people wouldn't expect it to end with a baby announcement," Sam tells us. "We flew home to Chicago for Thanksgiving and showed my parents and one of my sisters then. While watching the video, my parents were already very proud and swelling with emotion because they were happy with our achievements in school. The baby announcement then came as a complete surprise to them, and we were soon hugging, crying, and jumping up and down with excitement."

"It was a very special moment, and one that we will never forget," he continues. "We also told Jennika's brother on Thanksgiving Day, to lift his spirits as he was serving our country in Afghanistan."

Their family members weren't the only ones moved by their video. Since posting their announcement online, they've received responses from strangers congratulating them on their good news. "Other strangers online are drilling us for having a child so quick out of school, but family is everything to us, and we could not be more excited to grow stronger together as a couple as we start our own little family," says Sam. "We are so grateful for the opportunity to become parents."

The Andersons' baby is due in June. Congrats to them both!

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