Dad Gives Most Exciting Reaction to a Good Report Card Ever

This dad is elated with his son's good report card.This dad is elated with his son's good report card.If everyone's dad got this amped over a report card, the world might be a smarter place, and definitely a more entertaining one.

Fresh from a stellar score in math, a British high school student stashed a hidden camera in his kitchen to film the moment when he broke the good news to pops. He sets it up perfectly, summoning his father upstairs in a not-so-thrilled tone to discuss something "from the school."

The scheme was worth the effort. Upon reading his son's passing grade on the report card, the dad was elated... like really, really elated.

"Is this real?" The dad screams. "I can't believe it! I just can't believe it!"

A year ago, the boy was failing in school and felt the pressure to get his act together. He explains in his YouTube post that students have to pass math in England to "basically do anything with your life," and he'd struggled.

If you're thinking his C score isn't that impressive, the boy doesn't have time for negativity. He indicates that the accomplishment may be minor to some, but for him it was significant.

Even better news for the kid: he's now done with math. His dad jokes, "You're set for life."

Lesson learned: even if you think kids shouldn't be rewarded for good grades, a little enthusiasm goes a long way. At least give 'em a high-five!