Dairy Queen Manager Who Defended Blind Customer Offers Simple Advice: 'Do the Right Thing'

Dairy Queen manager Joey Prusak has been getting major attention for his good deed.Dairy Queen manager Joey Prusak has been getting major attention for his good deed.Joey Prusak, a Dairy Queen manager from Minnesota, found out that being kind goes a long way. The 19-year-old catapulted to Internet fame when his act of kindness in defending a blind customer made headlines.

A blind man was in his store when a $20 bill fell out of his wallet and onto the floor. The woman behind him picked it up and slipped it into her own purse. Prusak saw the whole thing, and not only refused to serve the woman unless she returned the money (she didn't), but gave $20 of his own money to the blind man to make up for his loss.

Pusak has worked at this particular Dairy Queen, located in the suburban town of Hopkins, Minnesota, since he was 14. "It's interesting to talk to each customer when they come in," he tells us in an exclusive interview. "You get regular customers who come in here, and those are the customers that I really enjoy, because you get to see them on a daily basis, or every other day, and you get to just talk to them, and you become a family in a way."

"I've had stuff where we've been robbed or something like that, but I've never had anything quite like that," Prusak said of seeing a customer blatantly steal another customer's money. "That was a very strange situation to be in. I've never had anything quite like that."

Prusak says the reaction to his act of kindness has been "insane." "Lots of phone calls, lots of letters coming in the mail," he tells us, adding, "It's been unreal, to say the least."

He says his family is extremely proud of him, but they're not the only ones who have expressed their appreciation for his kind act. "I've even had teachers from back in elementary school and junior high calling me and telling me how proud they are of me."

Prusak is currently studying Business Management and hopes to open his own business one day. "I could say a Dairy Queen, that would probably be the first thing," he says. "I really don't have any exact idea of what type of business, but I definitely would like to own my own."

As for what the public should take away from this example of kindness and generosity, Prusak puts it simply: "Do the right thing... you never know what's going to happen."