Dancing Cop Makes Sitting in Traffic a Treat

Police officers can have a little fun with their jobs while protecting the public. Retired Police Officer Tony Lepore is a landmark in Providence, RI, capturing the attention of passersby and drivers with his flamboyant style of directing traffic.

Lepore dances - he blows his whistle, shakes his hips, and spins, points and waves, all while directing cars where to go.

The 66-year-old incorporated dance into his police work soon after joining the force in 1984. "I was watching 'Candid Camera' back in the '80s, and I got an idea to do some dancing the next day, but I had to watch out for my bosses," he says. "I didn't know they were gonna like it… the police department let me do it because the public really liked it."

After he retired, the city missed his infectious dancing, and invited him to direct traffic and bust a move to help lift people's spirits during the holidays.

"I'm out here having fun, but you still have to direct the people," he adds.

Watch even more of Lepore's sweet moves in this 2011 profile by the Boston Globe. He's even got his own hypewoman on the sidelines, egging him on!

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