Ellen and Kid Inventor Test the Year’s Hottest Toys

Ellen recruited 12-year-old inventor Peyton Robertson to help her decide which toys were the hottest on the market this year, and the experiment proved nothing less than enlightening.

After impressing the world with his sandless sandbags for disaster relief, America's Top Young Scientist for 2013 returned to the show to showcase the toys every kid needs to add to their holiday wish list.

Here are Peyton's top picks for the year:

1. Anki Drive ($199.99) - Go Artificial Intelligence! These toy race cars are controlled by an app, except for one, which is a step ahead of the curve and drives by itself. All are equally adventurous on the track.

2. Zoomer ($99.99) - A computerized toy dog that uses voice recognition technology to respond to commands. He's just like a real dog, which means he needs to be trained.

3. Flutterbye Fairies ($34.99) - The closest thing to Tinkerbell you'll ever find!

4. Crazy Cart ($399.99) - A go cart worth the price! No brakes. All thrills.

Peyton feels confident these toys are top of the line, nonstop fun. Ellen is still learning how to steer her race car!