Ellen Surprises Two Coworkers with Gifts They Never Imagined

Post Ellen Bliss

Ellen not only gave two coworkers and friends a monumental surprise on her show Monday, she completely changed their lives.

For Norma and Danielle, who both work at a hospital in Los Angeles and recently filed for bankruptcy, the chance to meet the talk show host they watch every day would have been a gift in itself. Ellen, however, had more in store.

It all started with a Skype chat.

"We were nervous all day because they didn't tell us what was going on," Danielle tells us about the moment before they began Skyping with Ellen.

After a few minutes of chatting, Jeannie showed up at the hospital to bring the ladies a new television set and invite them on the show.

Before they knew it, they were sitting in the hot seat beside Ellen to tell the world their story, and getting some pretty sweet contributions in return.

"We both have been struggling, and Ellen gave me $10,000," Danielle remarks. "It will definitely help my son, because, like I said, he has to go to college. He has no choice. He has to go to college. For my son to have that chance to go, it's a blessing."

Norma, who commutes to work on the very laborious bus system, got a brand new ride.

"I can sleep a little later in the morning, I don't have to get up so early," she says about having a car. "I am just so amazed, so very, very grateful… I will never ever forget this day."

Both also point out that the idea of knowing Ellen is worth almost as much.

Jokes Danielle, "Just to meet her and say, 'I met her, you didn't!'"