Ellen Treats the World to the Cream Pies

The four hottest bachelors around are not on a reality TV series, but strutting their stuff across Ellen's stage. They call themselves "The Cream Pies," and good news for the world, they're all single!

Described on Facebook as a "a group of 4 devilishly handsome lifelong friends who make passionate and hilarious hip hop music together," Dan Cox, Bill Reilich, Dan Burtenshaw, and Stevie Brock caught Ellen's eye after posting a video on YouTube [link] using clever rhymes and Ellen store items to declare their love for their favorite host.

Little did they know the video would lead them onto Ellen's stage.

"It was quite the experience," the guys told the Good News blog after their performance and interview on the show. "She was Ellen, she's like, one of a kind. She was everything we thought she would be. Coming around that couch and seeing that massive smile… it was a dream."


Though each member of The Cream Pies lives in a different city, they intend to continue collaborating in the future, especially since the Ellen video was such a hit.

"I think the biggest thing for us is just maintaining our friendships," they said. "Really just to keep in touch and whenever we're together just to do as much as we can."

Ellen wanted to make sure The Cream Pies could celebrate their daytime television debut together, and surprised the group with a trip to Las Vegas following their performance. DJ Loni Love also wanted to show her gratitude to the handsome quartet, and gave them a new set of Ellen t-shirts, even helping Bill to try his on.

"Thank you guys," she grinned with delight.

If you dug The Cream Pies on Ellen, you can find more where that came from on their website!


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