If You Ever Leave $345,000 in a Cab, Hopefully This Guy Will Be Your Driver

Taxi Cab

An elderly couple in Bavaria accidentally left €250,000 (roughly $345,000) in a taxi on Sunday, and lucky for them, the driver returned it.

After dropping the couple home from the bank, Thomas Güntner, the cab driver, discovered the money in a cloth bag in the back seat of his cab. He immediately returned to the couple's home and turned over the cash.

"I was totally perplexed and surprised, that people could carry around so much cash and then forget it," Güntner told The Local on Tuesday.

Um, yeah!

Güntner described the woman as "white as a sheet" when he returned the money. She told him that he'd "saved her life."

The newfound hero said he'd opted not to keep the money, as "it would probably be the downfall of the old couple."

In fact, Güntner wouldn't even accept a finder's fee for returning the small fortune. He did, however, request the €12.30 ($17) in cabfare that the journey to their house would have cost because, well, he's got to make a living.

Lessons learned:

1. Keep your money in the bank.

2. If you have to carry around thousands of dollars, put it in a briefcase like they do in movies.

3. Be nice to your cab drivers.

Stash o' cash

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