Everything You Love About Jimmy Fallon, an Hour Earlier

Jimmy Fallon takes a new seat behind a bigger desk on a grander stage when he begins his reign as host of "The Tonight Show" on Monday. The highly anticipated debut comes after a sincere sendoff for Jay Leno, and continues a legacy stretching back 60 years.


While the memory of Johnny Carson remains most indelible, Jimmy has said he'll be steering his ship more like the original host of the show, radio star and comedian Steve Allen, who made the series into a vaudeville style routine of off-the-cusp, often outlandish street interviews and musical moments along with audience-driven skits. It's unknown exactly how much Jimmy will recycle from the early days, but there are definitely some things we're expecting to see when he brings it tonight!

Here's what we know for sure:

1. He's got an all-star band behind him. It doesn't get much better or more eclectic than The Roots, led by a comedian himself in the form of drummer Questlove. They've got brass, they've got rhymes, they've got funk and opinions. They've got lots of Grammys. The only thing they don't have is chromed-out combs for Quest's hair, but surely its coming.

2. He's starting it off big. Jimmy's first night in office includes guests Will Smith and U2, and the next two weeks are chock-full of A-listers.

3. He loves musical parodies - Jimmy was even able to recruit Michelle and Barack Obama to help him slow jam the news and explain the evolution of "mom dancing." Lucky for Jimmy, the First Lady is returning during his first week on the job, as will Justin Timberlake, a favorite of Fallon's cohorts. Remember the hashtag theme song? Allow us to remind you just in case.

4. He plays beer pong. A lot. He'll even do it with wine, if necessary.

5. He's easily amused. Back during his days on "SNL," Jimmy was known to crack up during skits, and he's brought those giggles to the interview table. When Jimmy cracks up, everyone cracks up.

6. He's young and hip. He's the kind of guy you want at all your parties and who probably gets invited to everyone's parties. This is evidenced by his skills at Flip Cup.

7. He's got the New York edge. With Leno out, "The Tonight Show" has officially been relocated to Manhattan with Jimmy's team taking over. This means more than just a change of backdrop, but a whole new city at his disposal.

8. He loves skits. It's something he's easily transferred from his "SNL" days, and most recently used in the hilarious "Full House" parody.

9. He's appreciative. He writes like 10 thank-you notes every week.

10. He said good-bye in the best way possible - with the Muppets. We can only imagine how he will say hello!