Family Brings Their Daughter to Tears with a Surprise Trip to Disneyland...Again!

Lily and Chloe enjoy their surprise trip to Disneyland.When Katie and David first surprised their daughter Lily with a surprise trip to Disneyland in 2011, her hysterical and heartwarming reaction was caught on tape and became an Internet sensation, and now they've done it again!

The parents recently surprised their two little girls -- Lily, 8, and Chloe, 2 -- on the way to school with another trip to Disneyland. Lily was once again overwhelmed with emotion, while her sister acted more or less baffled by Lily's excited response.

"I knew she might have a similar reaction," Katie tells us during a Skype chat. "It was Chloe's reaction I wasn't that sure about. Or non-reaction!"

"We thought it was crazy that one of the videos went viral, let alone two of them," adds David. Lily's video was even seen by Disney, and the company invited the family to stay overnight in the Dream Suite, their exclusive luxury hotel room in the park.

"Ariel met me there!" exclaimed Lily, who met her favorite Disney princess in the dream suite. "Pretty much the best thing ever."

"I love surprising people," Katie says. She especially loves surprising Lily with good news. "She's grateful, she's very emotional, and wears her heart on her sleeve. That's why I do it."

If you revealed some good news to your loved ones and caught it on tape, send in a video of your special moment and let everyone share your happiness!