Four-Year-Old Delivers One-of-a-Kind Cover of ‘Let it Go’ from ‘Frozen’

Four-year-old Ella loves singing songs from Disney soundtracks, and "Let It Go," originally performed by a character named "Elsa" (voiced by Idina Menzel) in Disney's new animated film "Frozen," is her new favorite. Ella likes the song by Elsa so much, she decided to record a cover of it, as best that a 4-year-old can.

"She has always been in love with music, singing, dancing, and Disney movies," Ella's mother Kristyn tells us. "She will listen to a song all day just to learn the words -- the best as she can of course."

The family saw "Frozen" twice over Christmas break, and Ella immediately fell in love with the film, particularly the song "Let It Go". "Her cousins and she were acting it out with their frozen dresses, glove, and cape, like Elsa. My brother saw them doing it and offered to record her singing it in his recording studio," she continues. "With as much passion as she could, she belted it out."

"My brother and I thought that her voice to the animation looked adorable and hilarious at the same time," she says. "So we posted it for family and Ella to see on YouTube. Within the first couple of hours it had like 5,000 views. Didn't think for a second that it would attract so much attention! But I am overjoyed and flattered people are so moved and touched by her passion."

Ella's video found its way to the Facebook page of one of the film's producers, who then sent it to Menzel. Ella doesn't seem to know what a big deal it is that her video has gone viral and reached the voice of the character.

"We tried to explain the significance to Ella and the importance was lost to her," her uncle, Danny, tells the Huffington Post. "We keep trying to explain that, 'The original singer Elsa saw you sing!' And she just goes, 'I'm Elsa, I sang it.'"

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