Good News: Your Fear of Snakes is Over

Fear of snakes, or ophidiophobia, is the most common phobia. It affects about a third of adults, even though yearly in the US, only about five people die from snakebites. So the question is, what's so scary?

One theory is that since snakes are expressionless, not knowing what's going on in their minds is what fills so many with fear. If that's the case, then we've got the cure for what ails ya.

Here are some photos of snakes, and what they were thinking about at the time the photos were taken.

1. This snake just remembered he left the stove on.

2. This snake is regretting a comment he made on Facebook.

3. This snake is worried that his old-timey mustache isn't coming across as ironic.

4. This snake just heard that congress didn't refuse their salary during the government shutdown.

5. This snake is wondering if she's going to call back, or if they didn't have as good a time as he remembers.

6. This snake just remembered he has two episodes of "Modern Family" recorded on Tivo.

7. This snake doesn't think she's going to make it through day 8 of her juice cleanse.

8. This snake thought the photographer was cute.

9. This snake… Okay, this snake is plotting your demise, but you see, now you know the difference!

10. Don't you feel better? Now that you're a pro, what do you think this snake is thinking?