This GoPro Camera Takes the Ride of a Lifetime. Wait Until You See Where it Winds Up!

A group of skydivers was preparing to jump out of a plane when their GoPro camera became unattached and hurtled to the earth. Since it was recording at the time, every moment of its dizzying fall was captured - including the random and pretty hilarious place where it landed.

The GoPro hit the ground (without breaking!) and was immediately greeted by a curious pig, as it had fallen inside a pigpen. The animal lost interest soon after, realizing that the object can't be easily ingested. Thankfully, we weren't treated to a first person perspective of a pig's digestive tract.

The GoPro was discovered 8 months later by property owner Mia Munselle of Cloverdale, CA, who uploaded the found footage to YouTube. You have to wonder what else that camera recorded in all that time.

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