How a Grammy-Winning Artist Got Involved in This Public Proposal

R&B artist India.Arie helps this lovely couple get engaged at her concert.R&B artist India.Arie helps this lovely couple get engaged at her concert.Early in their relationship, Bless and Essence attended an India.Arie concert together and had an amazing time. When Bless decided she wanted to propose, she knew the perfect way - at another India.Arie show! What ended up happening made the moment a big surprise for both women.

Bless planned to propose to her girlfriend during the "meet and greet" before the concert. When the artist and her team found out Bless's secret plan, she knew they could do something even more special for the couple. During the show, India.Arie invited the pair onstage and Bless asked Essence to marry her in front of their favorite singer and her enthusiastic crowd!

"It is an experience I will forever cherish," Essence tells us about the proposal. "It takes a lot of guts to do something like that in front of such a large audience. I mean, they came there for India.Arie, not us. But I am grateful they received us so lovingly."

"Her music is so uplifting and inspirational," says Bless, explaining why they both love India.Arie.

Bless is an operations specialist in the Navy, and she's currently stationed in San Diego, which is about a seven-hour drive from where Essence and her two children live in Arizona. The couple knows how to remain close until Essence and the kids can make the move to the West Coast.

"I've been driving there every weekend," says Bless. For the times they're unable to be together, they set up FaceTime dates so they can still feel physically close. "We believe distance is an illusion," adds Essence.

The happy couple plans to marry in March 2014 in Arizona, and we wouldn't be surprised if their first dance was to an India.Arie song. Congratulations, ladies!

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