Grizzlies Make NBA History by Drafting 8-Year-Old with Cerebral Palsy

There's no denying that 8-year-old Charvis Brewer's got game. Last week, he was picked up by the Memphis Grizzlies as an honorary member of the team, making him the youngest player ever to be drafted in the NBA.


Fox 13 News reports that the young boy suffers from cerebral palsy, but has always dreamed of playing professional basketball. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Charvis had the chance to not only shoot hoops with Tennessee's biggest ballers, but run drills, coach, high-five players and get a tour of the locker room led by his favorite player, Zach Randolph. He also signed a binding contract preventing him from any trades.

Along with enthusiasm, Charvis brought just enough attitude to hold his own in the big leagues, even commenting that he wasn't scared of Carmelo Anthony.

"I'mma block his shot," he joked.


Charvis wasn't shy about offering some tips from the sidelines either.

"Where the coach at?" Charvis commented. "He ain't doing nothing. He just standing there."

After his epic day on the courts, Charvis and his family were treated to seats at the home team's game against the Chicago Bulls the following day. The Grizzlies lost, but Charvis indisputably won.

"He loves the Grizzlies," Charvis' mom Colissia Brewer noted. "And I love to see him do that because he can't do what most kids can do."


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