Happy Monday and Veterans Day! 10 Things We’re Excited About This Week

1. On Veterans Day, we're seeing so many inspiring stories about vets and their families, and some pretty cool memes like these:

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day

2. Lady Gaga's album will finally be released Tuesday, and this very original flying dress she wore to her release party last night made it worth our pining.

Lady Gaga Flying Dress

3. "The Best Man Holiday" opens Friday, and needless to say, we always need more Taye Diggs in our lives….

4. Wednesday is World Kindness Day. To be a part of all the good energy, do something random. Pay for a stranger's coffee; leave a nice note on your friend's car… or just smile it out!

5. Hawaii will very likely sign same-sex marriage into law this week. This makes us want to dance…

6. Chipotle's tofu burritos were such a hit, they're going nationwide and already making a splash in Chi-Town. Even their organic tofu factory is getting press. It's ALL HAPPENING, people…

7. Friday is America Recycles Day. Be creative! You can reuse almost everything.

All Recycled Everything

8. Gas prices are dropping like, whoa… Yes that sign says $3.59, and yes that's in California.

Gasoline in Cali

9. The 60th annual Macau Grand Prix rolls through China, and apparently it's the only race in the world that "stages motorcycle, twin-seat cars and F3 single-seat races at the same event." We're not 100% sure what that means, but it sounds like something to see!

To the races

10. Lastly, the Saints had a big victory last night against the Cowboys, and continue to maintain hold of their division. We realize it's in the past, but we're still glowing… #WhoDat

Saints fans

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