Husband Gives His Wife Nerdiest Wedding Ever for Their 10th Anniversary

High school sweethearts and self-proclaimed nerds Logan and Brooke Fernandes from Avon, IN have had a wonderful marriage the last ten years -- though their wedding left something to be desired. The couple didn't have a lot of money when they wed, and couldn't afford a big reception.

All that changed on their 10th anniversary when Logan surprised his wife with the wedding of her dreams.

Every year since getting hitched, Logan has given his wife a surprise for their anniversary. For their 10th anniversary, he wanted to go even bigger. For 18 months, Logan planned a big, geeky wedding celebrating their shared love for nerd culture - and each other. He managed to keep the entire thing a secret from Brooke.

"[I] Even got her to try on a wedding dress and sized for it without her knowing it was hers," Logan writes on Reddit, where he also shared photos from their big day.

The day after their 10th anniversary, Brooke arrived to the venue with Logan, where she was under the impression that she would be a bridesmaid for her sister-in-law's (fake) wedding. She could barely believe it when she discovered she was there for her own wedding, with all their friends and family members in attendance.

The ceremony and reception was a nerd's dream. The bouquets were handmade from comic books featuring Batman villain Harley Quinn, for whom their 2-year-old daughter is named.

The rings were inscribed with quotes from "Star Wars" and presented in a wooden box with Nintendo characters.

The tiered wedding cake paid homage to cult hit TV shows like "Firefly" and "Dr. Who."

The groom and groomsmen wore superhero shirts underneath their suits, and the couple's 4-year-old son Kal-El (named after Superman's real name) acted as ring bearer while wearing a cape.

These two were truly meant for each other.

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