L.A. Dance Troupe Wows with Daft Punk Medley, but Their Community Work is Even Better

Dance is a huge part of "Ellen," and we love seeing people come together in the name of shaking their booties. The coolest dance performance we've seen in awhile comes from this massive dance troupe that wowed us with an epic routine at the 2014 VIBE Dance Competition set to a medley of Daft Punk songs.

According to the Culture Shock LA Executive Director Allison Tanaka, the 13-minute performance took four months to plan and rehearse. That's not even counting all the work it took designing the costumes, lighting and faux Daft Punk pyramid, too!

As impressive as this performance is, the best part of this troupe isn't their skilled dancing - it's the work they do for the community. "We are a troupe of individuals who, through the power of music and dance, cultivate self-worth, dignity, and respect for all people," reads the troupe's mission statement.

Culture Shock LA, which started in San Diego and now also has troupes in Canada, is a non-profit in its 20th year. The organization is comprised of volunteers who love to dance, and want to use the art form to educate and inspire.

The troupe regularly hosts dance workshops for kids in schools and community centers throughout Los Angeles. Their program not only teaches children hip-hop moves, but how to work in a team and express their creativity.

Culture Shock LA has annual auditions to join the troupe, but if you can't make the time commitment or aren't at a professional level yet, you can take their FREEstyle Friday classes to brush up on your skills and meet some like-minded dance lovers.

With their guidance, maybe one day you'll learn how to do this: