Little Boy with One Arm Gets Christmas Wish, Thanks to Kindness of Strangers

Like most little boys, Christopher Kiezek of East Northport, NY loves video games, and asked Santa for an Xbox for Christmas. He also asked for a new arm.

"I want fingers, Santa," he said during a recent trip to see Santa Claus. The 6-year-old was born without part of his left arm, and wants to look like other boys. He also wants to play video games like other kids, but needs fingers on his left arm to do so.

Family friend Robert Jackson learned about Christopher's request, and decided he would fill in for Santa to help give Christopher each one of his Christmas wishes. He started a GoFundMe page and asked members of his community on Long Island for donations to get Christopher a prosthetic arm.

Though the Kiezek family has insurance, their insurance company wouldn't cover the cost of providing the young boy with a prosthetic arm, as it wasn't deemed medically necessary.

Jackson's original goal was to raise $25,000. In just two days, he passed that goal twice over - over $50,000 in donations have poured in to help pay for Christopher's prosthesis (and his Xbox).

On Christmas Day, Christopher's parents plan on telling their son that Santa got him a new arm. Since the family received such a generous amount of money, they plan to use that to help other kids who need prosthetic limbs.

Jackson has also revealed he's starting a nonprofit organization in Christopher's name.

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