Little Girl Does Beautiful Thing for Deaf Parents

While one so-called sign language interpreter is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, a kindergartner is being praised for using proper ASL to help her parents enjoy her holiday concert.

As seen in this video that went viral, Claire, 5, sings along with her classmates to songs like "Bingo Was His Name-O," "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Dreidel. "While the other kids use generic hand motions, Claire enthusiastically signs the lyrics so that her deaf parents can follow along.

"ASL is the first language in our home, so our daughter has been exposed to it since birth," her mother Lori Koch tells Yahoo.

Lori uploaded the video to YouTube after news broke that the interpreter at Nelson Mandela's funeral was signing nonsense. "It became obvious he was making things up," she says. "He was repeating the same hand movements so it was obvious he was a fake."

"It was just totally deflating for deaf people, like saying deaf people are not important," adds Lori's husband and Claire's father Thomas. "This is a famous man who did so much for many people."

If only the world knew about Claire's amazing signing earlier - she could have been hired as the interpreter at Mr. Mandela's funeral and done a much better job!

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