This Little Girl Looks Like 5 Important Women in History

Jaime Moore and her model, 5-year-old daughter Emma, celebrates influential women in history. Jaime Moore, a photographer based in Austin, Texas, wanted to do a special photo shoot with her daughter Emma's 5th birthday. She decided to do something that would not only be a good bonding experience, but be educational for Emma, too.

Jaime decided to pay homage to five inspirational women in history - Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, Coco Chanel and Jane Goodall - by having her daughter dress up as each woman and replicate their iconic photographs.

"Each woman is so very different in how they lived their lives and how they've changed ours for the better," Jaime explains to us about why she chose these specific figures. "They overcame such obstacles to change their lives. They were told by so many people what they couldn't do, and they did it anyway."

"During the photo session, I would tell Emma about each incredible woman," she continued. "Learning about Amelia Earhart seemed to be her favorite. Just the idea of her dressing like the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean thrilled her."

"I see so much pride and confidence in her face," she added.

Jaime was happy to show Emma that there are other role models for young girls besides princesses. "I realized there's nothing else out there right now when you look at toddlers or young girls' ideas for costumes or anything. Disney princesses are everywhere," she says. "I think it would be nice to broaden the horizon a bit… there are real women and real role models for them to look up to."

To reinforce the idea that Emma, too, is an amazing girl and can grow up to be an inspiring woman, Jaime photographed Emma as herself wearing an "Emma for President" button. "Emma was shocked there hasn't been a female President of the United States," Jaime revealed.

Jaime hopes that this photo shoot helps remind people of the important things each woman did to improve people's lives. "These women did amazing things for their time - for any time, really. They are people we should never forget to talk about."

To see more of Jaime's work, visit her website and Facebook page.

Photo by: Jaime Moore
Emma as Amelia Earhart.
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Fri, Oct 4, 2013 7:49 PM EDT