Little Irish Kid Can Barely Breathe when Soccer Hero Surprises Him

Domhnall is a little boy in Ireland who really loves soccer. In particular, he loves soccer player Robbie Keane. He can tell you Keane's best moves. He knows Keane's victory dance and stats. Domhnall considers the L.A. Galaxy star striker his hero.

So, when Keane surprised Domhnall on RTE's "Late Late Toy Show" on Friday with a formal introduction, you can imagine the kid was beside himself.


Domhnall thought he was on the show to try out a video game for the audience. At one point, host Ryan Tubridy began talking to him about Keane, who is currently out of commission after undergoing surgery for two torn Achilles tendons. The athlete also plays for Ireland's national team.

Tubridy asked Domhnall what he would say to Keane if he could speak with him.

"I'd probably say 'Get Well Soon' to him," Domhnall replies. "I hope he'd be better and quick because I think we really need him for the 2016 Euros, because he's like our top scorer. He's like the main man for us… if he was here, I'd really tell him."

That's when Tubridy introduced Keane, who made his way out from behind a curtain on crutches.

No surprise, Domhnall was blown away. He stuttered at first, then had to take a moment to breathe. Finally, he was able to talk to his favorite athlete, scrapping the earlier diplomatic dialogue.

"How are you this good at playing soccer?" Domhnall asked first.

He followed that question with a second: "When you were playing with David Beckham and Donovan and all those big players, how were you feeling, like when you'd get to meet all of them?"

Keane joked, "They're not as good as me! Don't you know that?"

We're almost as happy as Domhnall just watching him so happy.


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