Meet the Grand Prize Winner of Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways on Good News!

The Robinson family. (Photo: Julie Robinson)One of our readers recently got some really good news -- Julie Robinson from Las Vegas, NV is the lucky Good News reader who won every single prize from Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!

Winning 12 days has been a blessing to this family that has faced multiple challenges and heartbreak the last few years. Her husband, Brent, had his mother, father and best friend pass away within a few months of one other. He has also been unable to find steady work after being laid off his construction job thee years ago.

Julie is a Patient Coordinator and works with cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment. Even with this demanding job, she still has to work five or six nights a week at Olive Garden to make ends meet. Still, Julie stays positive no matter what life throws at her.

"I pray a lot, I go to church, I have a lot of faith in God," she tells the Good News.

Due to their mounting financial troubles, Julie and Brent were forced to move out of their five-bedroom home, where they lived with their daughter, four sons, daughter-in-law, and 8-month-old grandson. Julie and Brent moved in with her brother, while all of the children currently live in different residences.

Their dream is to save up enough money so that they can all live under the same roof again, but in the meantime, winning every prize from 12 Days has helped give them something to smile about.

"My co-workers were super excited, some cried and all my friends and family were in shock," she says. "They know I love Ellen, so that part didn't surprise them, but that I won all those great prizes was such a blessing. They made me feel so good by telling me that, 'It couldn't have happened to a better person.'"

"My family is so very grateful for this awesome opportunity," says Julie. "It's been awhile since my husband and I have been able to give the kids things like these, as well as ourselves… seeing a smile of joy on Brent's face when I told him I won was priceless."

We gave good news to Julie and her family -- do you have good news to give somebody else? Film a video for a special someone in which you share a secret or reveal a surprise. Then send it to us, and we may share it on the blog!

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