MISSING: Mr. Rabbit

rabbit 1

When a toddler lost a beloved stuffed animal, her mother knew a tragedy was at hand, but she didn't just console her daughter -- she set out on a mission to find it.

Little Ruby misplaced Mr. Rabbit one night while eating dinner with her family at a restaurant in London, where they were visiting from Edinburgh. Her mother, Zoe Stewart, turned to social media to enlist the help of others in tracking down the missing friend.

Calling out to the people of London, Zoe posted images of Mr. Rabbit with a note detailing the circumstances.

rabbit 2

"On Saturday 16th of November around 6:30pm, we left the Flat Iron Steak Restaurant with Mr Rabbit still in hand," Zoe writes, reports LBC. "We walked slowly around passed Bo Deans restaurant, over to Oxford street and caught the tube to London Bridge. We changed at London bridge and headed to East Dulwich."

Somewhere along the way, Mr. Rabbit set out on an adventure of his own.

Zoe also tweeted a note:


In response, thousands have taken up the charge to return Mr. Rabbit to Ruby. There have been a few false leads, but with so many people on the hunt, Zoe hopes his whereabouts will soon be revealed. It's another sign that the kindness of strangers rules all.


Mr. Rabbit also goes by "Jelly Cat Rabbit," and is described as grey with a lack of stuffing in his neck (from being loved). He's about a foot tall, weighs a quarter of a pound, and his ears "smell like Olbas Oil." He's believed to be alone, and likely frequenting pubs.

Any tips should be sent to Zoe via Twitter or Facebook.