The Most Incredible Ways Technology Has Upgraded Our Lives

Ellen recently discovered a banking app on her phone, which allows you to deposit checks into your account simply by snapping a photo. Like a lot of us, she was super impressed.

"If your phone would give you a lollipop, you'd never have to go to the bank again," she said.

Discussing more innovations, Ellen further commented, "People don't know how easy we have it. I mean, there's so many things that we don't have to do anymore… it gives you more time to do the things that are important, like watching my show, and of course, dancing."

In honor of finding extra time to boogie, here are 10 innovations that are making life a little easier, and more exceptional!:

1. Automated Bathrooms: Everyone's a magician.

2. TV Remote Control Apps - Five remotes become one. Now you just have to figure out the app.

Remote Control Apps

3. Self Checkout at Grocery Stores - Waiting on someone to figure out the credit card function is way better than waiting on a price check for lettuce.

Grocery Line

4. Airline E-Ticketing Apps - How else would you check-in though?


5. Lyft Ridesharing - Lyft finds local people in your town who double as a car service using their own vehicles. They're faster than cabs, sometimes they give you mints, lots of times they're artists, and all the time they sport pink moustaches on their bumpers.

Lyft Ride Sharing

6. ZipCar - If you don't have a car, insurance or gas money, ZipCar is for you, also if you like to unlock your vehicle by swiping a card against the windshield.


7. Amazon App - Among other things, you can take a photo of a stranger's hat you like and figure out where to purchase it. Success of this operation is contingent upon you taking a photo of a stranger's hat.

8. Mixology App - Plug in what alcohols and mixers you have in your wet bar/top of the refrigerator, and figure out how to make fancy cocktails. People who mix Diet Coke and vodka, this one's for you!

9. AirBNB - In lieu of a hotel, stay in someone else's condo during your next vacation, or maybe even a castle. And no, they don't leave food in the pantry.

Packing animation

10. The iCloud - Innovation… or God?


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