The Most Organic Proposal Ever

When Miami resident Vladimir Romannikov made a quick stop at a Whole Foods last year for a bottle of Kombucha, he ended up walking out with his future wife. A little over a year later, the organic, fair trade couple got engaged where they first met.

Vladimir was immediately entranced with Monica Dehombre when he spotted her in the organic grocery. He followed her around the store, waiting for the perfect moment to introduce himself. After she checked out at cash register two, he made his move.

His opening line? According to Monica, it was "So, you shop all organic, huh?" Not the best ice-breaker we've ever heard, but it worked. The two walked back to the parking lot together, and began dating.

When Vladimir decided he wanted to ask Monica to marry him, he thought it would be romantic to set the proposal in the same place they met. He contacted the store's managers, who were more than happy to help this cute couple get engaged.

Vladimir told Monica he was taking her out to a nice dinner so that she would dress up, but first, he brought her to Whole Foods… under the guise that he had a craving for their favorite snack, yucca cheese rolls.

That's when an announcement was made on the intercom: "Will Vladimir and Monica please come to cash register two?"

He led his lady love to the front of the store, got down on one knee, and proposed in the same spot where he introduced himself to her. Monica, who was crying naturally-flavored tears of joy at this point, said yes.

Monica said, "Who knew you could find Prince Charming while shopping for Kombucha?"

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