Mother and Daughter Meet Justin Timberlake - and That’s Just the Beginning!

This mother and daughter meet Justin Timberlake, and the surprises keep coming!Kristin and her daughter Emily had no idea what they were in for when they received a call that they were finalists to be on "Ellen." The mother and daughter were taken on a studio tour of the lot, and found themselves rolled right into the middle of a taping of the show where they got to meet Ellen -- and their all-time favorite star, Justin Timberlake!

As if hugging and dancing with Justin Timberlake weren't enough of a thrill, Kristin later discovered that she also won the Swisse Summer Watch and Win contest and was given a check for $25,000!

We chatted with Kristin and Emily after their amazing day at "Ellen." Find out how they feel now that so many of their dreams came true all at once!

Watch more of the mother and daughter's on-air surprises right here!