Note to Future ‘Price is Right’ Contestants: Take Off Your Wigs!

Wigs off

For one woman, getting on "The Price Is Right" was worth losing her hair over.

The contestant, whose name is Aliaya, was selected to play the "Grand Game" on the show, and couldn't even make it to the stage to greet host Drew Carey before she pulled a wig from her head in glee.

"I love you!" She screamed, waving the wig and embracing Carey, who couldn't stop laughing. "Thank you so much!"

Aliaya then gestured to the crowd that she needed a moment to re-cover her cropped natural do with the short bob of a wig she'd been wearing.

"The wig looks good," said Carey. "That's a good-looking wig."

"We good now?" She replied, asking the host for a quick alignment check.

The excited guest wore a t-shirt that read "Carey's Chocolate Chicks," and told the comedian she worked in law enforcement in Sacramento.

Immediately, he replied, "Undercover, I imagine."

From there, the puns came flying. Meanwhile, Carey could barely contain his giggles.

He joked, "She flipped her lid to come up here."

"You're going to really wig out when I say this," announcer George Gray added.

Gray later described the products in the competition as "hair-raising."

Enthusiasm may have literally paid off too, as Aliaya won $10,000 in the competition.

No surprise, "The Price Is Right" fans thoroughly enjoyed the unique moment as well.

YouTuber 1SHIRELL commented, "Go ahead mizz Aliaya that's rite take dat wig off."

T BurTn wrote, "Omg...I watch this show every day since forever and I promise you I am still in stitches especially because Drew can't stop."

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