Now You Have No Excuse Not to Eat Chocolate

Chocolate 1

Report: Eating chocolate can make you skinnier.

Um, what?

Report: Eating chocolate can decrease abdominal fat.

Go on.

Report: Eating chocolate frequently has been shown to reduce your BMI.


Report: There is a substantial interest in the potential role of chocolate in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Where's the nearest Godiva?

Not that we weren't eating chocolate before, but after reading about two studies on, we're moving this most wonderful treat to the top of our food pyramid. The first study, published by the journal Nutrition, was done by the University of Granada, and tracked the diets and health outcomes of 1458 adolescents.

Researchers found that chocolate reduced the amount of body fat among those who consumed it regularly, among other great things. The second study, published by the journal Archives of Internal Medicine, tracked 1,000 Californians, age 20 to 85, and similarly saw that high consumption of chocolate reduced BMI in adults.

So basically, chocolate is very, very good for you.

These researchers did not look at the type of chocolate consumed by test subjects, but we are more than happy to put together some ideas for how you can partake in the improved dietary regimen.

In honor of Friday and a healthy heart, enjoy these 10 ideas for getting your daily chocolate on:

1. The Bite-Size Method: Lindt Truffle Balls (dark, dark flavor), all day every day.

Chocolate 2

2. The Cup Method: Salted Butterscotch Hot Chocolate (Scotch, highly recommended)

Chocolate 3

3. The Cold Method: Steve's Bklyn Blackout Ice Cream: Milk chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate stout cake pieces and dark chocolate pudding. Yeah, we said it.

Chocolate 4

4. The Hot Method: Chocolate Fondu. This recipe includes Nutella, so obviously, it's the best.

Chocolate 5

5. The Breakfast Method: Chocolate Banana Bread. Start your day off right!

Chocolate 6

6. The French Method: Chocolate crepes filled with cream and berries. They do say people are skinnier in France…

Chocolate 7

7. The Mexican Method: Mexican Chocolate Streusel Cake. Si, por favor.

Chocolate 8

8. The White Method: White Christmas Cupcakes. Shout out to the forthcoming holidays!

Chocolate 9

9. The Black Method: Dark Chocolate Fudge Merlot Cupcakes. Because you should definitely put wine in cupcakes.

Chocolate 10

10. The Best Method: Combine everything. Stir. Repeat. Enjoy.