Photographer Proves that Strangers Are Just Friends You’ve Never Met

Dominic and Jenny share a moment together after having just met.
When passing someone on the street, your instinct may be to avoid eye contact and keep on walking. One photographer's latest photo project hopes to inspire camaraderie between strangers who seemingly have nothing in common.

New York-based photographer Richard Renaldi has spent the last six years developing his series, "Touching Strangers." The project features hundreds of photographs of strangers he's asked to pose together as though they had known each other their whole lives.

Though the subjects are almost always awkward with one another at first, after a few minutes, the fiction of their relationship starts to become reality.

"I felt like I cared for her," said Ryan, a poetry teacher, after posing with 95-year-old former fashion designer, Reiko. "I felt like it broke down a lot of barriers."

"It was nice to feel that comfort," says Jenny, an airline employee from Virginia, who struck a romantic pose with Dominic, a college student from Brooklyn.

"Everyone seems to come away with kind of a good feeling," says Renaldi. "It's lovely."

Check out the CBS News segment on the photographer's inspiring series, here.

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