Piano Prodigy Elias Phoenix: Ellen’s Most Enthusiastic Guest Ever!

Ellen knew that 7-year-old piano prodigy Elias Phoenix was an amazing talent, but she had no idea he would be one of her most memorable and enthusiastic guests ever!

The pint-sized pianist from Brandon, Florida has been playing piano since age 3. A natural talent, he picked it up right away, and in just four years, Elias was playing at Carnegie Hall.

Besides performing at the famous New York concert hall, Elias' dream was to play piano on Ellen - and that dream came true, too! He also got to rap Kanye West's "Gold Digger" with his equally eccentric twin brother Zion… to the delight of Ellen and her audience.

After the show, Ellen correspondent Jeannie spoke to Elias and Zion to find out what's next for these talented brothers. Turns out, they've got a lengthy to-do list that includes appearing on "Dancing with the Stars" and going off into space. If anyone can do both those things, it's these two. Check it out!

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