Plane Crash Survivor Takes Epic Selfie

There have been some impressive photos taken in the Selfie Olympics, the latest meme to sweep the web. But nothing compares to the selfie this plane crash survivor took in the middle of the ocean.

Ferdinand Puentes, 39, was on board the Makani Kai Air Cessna that crashed into the Pacific Ocean last month. Out of the nine on board, eight survived -- including Puentes, who recorded the whole crash on his GoPro camera.

In his footage, you can actually see the plane hitting the water just off Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii. As the plane begins to flood, passengers can be seen exiting and hanging on to the wing to stay afloat. "As sirens and bells of airplane were going, it was quiet. Everyone knew what was going on," Puentes told KHON.

While waiting for help to arrive, Puentes took a photo of himself in the ocean with the tail of the submerged plane in the background.

Though he was wearing a life vest, Puentes still had trouble staying above water. The pilot, Clyde Kawasaki, gave him a seat cushion to use as a floatation device.

He now considers Kawasaki a close friend, and the two often chat and text to support one another in the aftermath of the crash.

"The way he handled the flight and everything, he kept his calm, it's just amazing how he did it," Puentes told ABC News of Kawasaki. "He is my hero."

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